We plant trees, sponsor trees and take care of them

This is what we do in Plant a Quercus

1º We plant trees

We plant trees that are economically unprofitable in the short, medium or long term but absolutely necessary for the Arribes del Duero Natural Park.

2º Look for sponsors

We move the project through social networks, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and we look for godparents for each of the trees.

1 tree = 1 person

3º Take care of the tree

We guarantee the care and replacement for at least 3 years, a period that we have considered sufficient for the tree to continue on its own for another 500 years. 🙂

4º And we start over

We plant another batch of 30-40 trees on different farms, public or private, and only during the months when you’re supposed to. This is what the people of the area have taught us.

"PLANT A QUERCUS" project overview

arribes del duero, parque natural de los arribes

reforestation 2020
reforestation 2021

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