About us

Who we are

People who want to reforest Los Arribes del Duero with autochthonous trees

Who we are?

A group of people with affinity to the village of Pinilla de Fermoselle that tries to repopulate with autochthonous species, mainly Quercus, The natural park Los Arribes del Duero.

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Our origins

In the summer of 2017 a huge fire destroyed half of the Pinilla de Fermoselle area and part of the Fermoselle area, in the Arribes del Duero Natural Park. This environmental catastrophe opens our eyes and we decided to “try” to help our mountains.

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What we do

We plant trees and look for someone to sponsor them.

What we’re doing

We basically “plant new trees” at the right time and with the most favourable climatic conditions. Trees that are economically unprofitable or very unprofitable but which are the basis of our ecosystem

  • Encinas (Quercus ilex)
  • Alcornoques (Quercus suber)
  • Madroños (Arbutus unedo)
  • Enebros (Juniperus communis)
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Our methodology

We follow these simple steps:

  1. – To plant between 30 and 40 seedlings
  2. – Look for sponsors them
  3. – To identify and geolocate
  4. – And start over
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Plant a Quercus in videos

Plant a Quercus pictures

“The Forest Guardians”

Environmental workshop organized in Pinilla de Fermoselle (Zamora) – August 2018

Land “Las Asomadas”

Holm oak plantation

Land “Las Gorbias”

Plantation of cork oaks and strawberry trees

Land “La Besada”

Plantation of holm oaks

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