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30-64-06 Sustainable Buildings Team

Class: Juniperus oxycedrus (junipers)
Sponsored by: Sustainable Buildings Team
Date: 21/08/2019
Ind. state: 30
Parcel: 64
Number: 06
Geolocation: Pending
Remarks: Juniper planted in April 2019 in the farm "El Barrocalico" in Pinilla de Fermoselle (Zamora).
This plot has been the last in which we began to plant trees, cork oaks, junipers, strawberry trees and recover some small oak that has been born. The juniper will be labelled, photographed and geolocalized at the end of September or the beginning of October 2019.

Note: most of the photographs were taken on this farm: Los Arribes from a bird's eye view..

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