Who we are

Who we are

"Planta un Quercus" dream team

We are friends and family related to villages located within the Natural Park of the Arribes del Duero and after the great fire in the summer of 2017 we decided to contribute our grain of sand in the forest recovery of this land that has given us so many good moments and will continue to give us.

Plantando árboles en Los Arribes del Duero

My name is Abel Bartolomé, a Telecommunications Engineer who has decided to start this project and this non-profit association to help as much as possible with the reforestation of the Arribes del Duero and other environmental projects that are emerging thanks to the ideas and contributions of the people who are helping us.

My name is Alberto Barreiro and I am a founding member of the Asociación Planta un Quercus (Plant a Quercus Association), they call me "the clerk" because that's the role I play. Ever since I was approached with the idea of the project, it was clear to me that I wanted to be an active part of it. I have enjoyed the Arribes del Duero on several occasions and I believe that collaborating in the repopulation of autochthonous trees is a way of giving back to that land the good moments that it has given me and that it will continue to give me.

Alberto Barreiro, Arribes del Duero, Planta un Quercus
Esther Ocaña, Arribes del Duero, Planta un Quercus

I am Esther Ocaña, founding member of the association Plant a Quercus. We started with the idea of this project after the great fire of the Arribes del Duero in the summer of 2017 thinking of planting a few trees in a symbolic way, but the support of the people encouraged us to do something more. So the web was born then the association and a lot of environmental actions that are behind it all.

I'm Alicia. I spend my holidays in Pinilla de Fermoselle (Zamora). I have always liked my town because it is surrounded by countryside. Last summer the whole forest was burned and I started with Plant un Quercus to plant trees. I encourage all of you to plant yours.

Plantando árboles en Los Arribes del Duero
Plantando árboles en Los Arribes del Duero

I am Rosario Rodríguez, I was born in Pinilla de Fermoselle and I am the owner of most of the lands where Planta un Quercus has started its activity. I lost during the great fire more than 30 centenary oaks, many of them possibly touching the 700 or 800 years; the trees under which I played and between which I grew. Now, with Planta un Quercus I have a second chance to see them grow, although I will never know them as leafy and big as the ones that are no longer there.

My name is Silvia and Pinilla de Fermoselle is my village, my vacation place. Pinilla went from being green and colorful to being "black and gray" in just two days of fire. I had to help and by sponsoring a tree I thought it would be a good option.

I'm part of Planta un Quercus and I plant trees, I take care of them and I am in charge of taking photographs and videos to explain the world the work we are doing inside the Arribes del Duero Natural Park.

Silvia Bartolomé Planta un Quercus Arribes del Duero

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